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Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that may help you

Will you be insured?

Yes, I carry full public liability insurance for £1,000,000

Which areas do you cover?

I currently cover Hempstead, Rainham, Wigmore, Rochester, Gillingham and the surrounding towns.

Can I specify which day(s) to have my gardening done?

Yes you can, though some flexibility is appreciated!

Who provides gardening tools and equiptment?

I provide all the required gardening  equipment including lawn mower, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer etc. At a reasonable price I also offer materials such as compost, weed killer, grass and plant feed and anything else you may want to keep your garden looking its best.

Will i need to sign up to a lengthy contract?

No. You can terminate your window cleaning or gardening service at any time by giving me 14 days notice

How often do I need my windows cleaned?

I would recommend window cleaning every 4 weeks for a residential property. It is a personal decision though, and depends on your property type and where it is situated, so you may find that one clean every 6 or 8 weeks may suit you better.

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